Be Inspired: Meet Adela – Victory Session

Mona writes, “I am both proud and humbled to introduce you to Adela, breast cancer survivor, who shares her experiences with other women in the hope of detecting breast cancer early. Adela was diagnosed in August of 2013 after she found a lump in the shower one day.
Although her mammogram came out clear, she and her doctor insisted on a sonogram, which confirmed breast cancer. Adela now urges all women to request a sonogram from their doctors when they are scheduled for a mammogram. Adela had surgery in October 2013, which was followed by a gruesome four months of chemotherapy. She states that one day she looked in the mirror and was saddened by the image staring back at her – she hardly recognized herself as she lost all facial and body hair. She refused to have any photos taken of her during this time….she didn’t want any of this time captured on film.

One year later, Adela approaches her life with a new outlook. She now sees a familiar face in the mirror and is ready to look at photos of herself and her “new norm”. She is no longer saddened by her image, but inspired by how far she has come. As Adela states, “My short hair is a testament to my courage and past that is unfortunately a part of my wonderful future that lies ahead. I’m ready to be in photos. I look good in short hair. I look strong. I look like a survivor – now that’s worth taking a picture of!”

adela version 3

Submitted by A New Focus Photography, LLC
New York City, NY