Be Inspired: Meet Pam – Battle Session

I received this session in the beginning of January but we’ve been so busy, I’ve not even been able to post it. I looked at it when it came in and touched my heart, personally. I noticed on the submission form, that the waiver for us to post it was checked “No”. I was saddened by this until I read further…I asked Amy if we could share this session on our blog and she, so graciously, said “yes please.” Here’s Pam’s story, as told by her daughter, one of our very own photographers, Amy Horn.

This is a session I took of my mother a few days after her diagnosis. She was diagnosed with an unknown cancer, stage IV in April 2012, she battled the cancer all summer with rounds of chemo and radiation treatments and found out at the end of summer none of them had worked to shrink the cancer. She died November 5, 2012 at age 53 with her children and close family at her side. She was an artist and made everything in her life beautiful. She enjoyed playing the guitar, restoring classic cars and landscaping. I became a SFAC network photographer after I couldn’t find someone to take our family portraits. I ended up taking them myself and plan to submit that session as well. I didn’t want other families in my area to go through the same stress I did scrambling to find someone who would photograph their family before it changed forever.

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Submitted by Amy Horn Photography
Dillsboro, IN