I don’t normally post what other people write about businesses. However, in this case, I fear that someone searching for a wig may encounter this horrible business and be treated wrongly. I know shopping for a wig is such an emotional and personal experience and it needs to be treated with style and grace from the customer service side of it.

I have found other reviews, on other sites, about this business so I feel there is absolute truth to it. If you live around or in Brookfield, Wisconsin I would be wary of shopping at this wig shop. Please take a moment and share this on your facebook page, twitter, g+; any way to spread the word.

xo to all of you

We walked into the salon and were shown to a room towards the back of the store that had numerous wigs. I would say about 70% of the wigs were gray hair for elderly, not a problem at all if that is mainly their customer. They had a SMALL area of wigs that would have worked for me. Probably about 5 choices for me to choose from but really only ONE that was similar to the other style I had seen. We asked if I could try it on and the woman (probably in her 60s) working there was obviously annoyed that she needed to help us. She came over and put the little nylon thing over my head and then slipped the wig on without even fitting it correctly. She walked away while I had to pull it down in front so it was sitting properly. We really liked this wig but wondered if there was any styles that were a little longer and wondered what other colors it came in. The woman pulled out some brochures and was paging through them trying to figure out which color I was wearing. My sister in law Amy simply picked up one of the wig brochures to flip through and see the other styles to see if there was something else we liked and the woman literally RIPPED the brochure out of her hand and rudely told her that customers are NOT allowed to look through brochures. We politely asked how we were supposed to buy something if they only had five styles on display and we were not allowed to look at other styles in the brochures. At the other salon, they showed us brochure after brochure after brochure of styles that were available for order. Apparently that is not how it works at Sharon’s. We asked to speak to the manager so Sharon herself, the owner came to talk to us. She was RUDE and told us that people like “us” only come in to look at their store and then we order online and it’s just a waste of their time. Mind you, we were thinking of ORDERING this wig from them. I told her perhaps people were ordering online because of their terrible customer service. So I told her I was interested in the wig that I was wearing while we were talking but I wanted to see a longer style so how was she going to make that sale to me if they didn’t have a longer style on display and they refused to show us a brochure. She told us to look online, find something we like and then come to them and they will order it. Um, hello… why would I not just order it ONLINE at that point. So I took the wig off my head, said I guess you are unwilling to help us and Amy and I started to walk out. THEN.. as we were almost out the door the sales woman laughed and yelled at me “Good luck, I hope ALL your hair falls out”. Yes you read that correctly! She yelled to me, a young mother of 2 that is fighting a f*cking brain tumor, looking for a wig to help her while her hair falls out that she “hopes ALL my hair falls out”. If you could have seen how quickly Amy and I whipped around and marched back there. HOW DARE SOMEONE SAY THAT TO ME.. TO ANYONE for that matter! I walked right up to this woman, tears or anger and sadness running down my face, stood about three feet from her and gave her some very bold choice of words and we walked out. Sharon the owner stood next to her and laughed. NEVER in my life have I experienced something like this. I was shaking for probably a good two hours afterwards. How could anyone have so little heart or compassion. I just had to spread the word of this horrible experience. I hope my blog reaches many and that NO ONE ever walks into that store in search of a wig. I still can’t believe I experienced that today! Who would EVER say something like that?!

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