Special Feature: Kaps for Kids

I happen to come across a facebook post the other day that made me so happy! I wanted to share this gal with all of you and what she is doing for kids with cancer. Please take a moment to say thank you and even “LIKE” her facebook page. Thanks Jackie for all you are doing!


From Jackie:

I am crocheting Kaps for Kids in order to give them warmth and hopefully a smile as they go through their tough journey. Each Kap I create has some incorporation of variegated rainbow yarn as a rainbow is a sign of hope.

I started making caps, in all honesty, to sell. Well, just like from God’s mouth to my ear I declared that I would not be selling the hats, but instead I would give them to children who were ill, so just as easily as the message came to me, the name did too so Kaps for Kids started on January 1, 2014.
I announced the same to all of my FB friends and started Kaps For Kids Texas.

My family and friends started sharing the information and the likes to my page started coming in like crazy, even as far as from England, but I was still searching for ways to get my Kaps to the kids.

Then it happened, I received a request for a hat, then another then a third (all from Missouri). People started reaching out to me wanting to donate yarn, and mailing materials and thankfully, Monica saw my page.

What I am hoping to do is get Kaps to as many children, of all ages, as I can no matter where they live. I am very blessed to have 3 healthy adult children and 3 wonderful healthy grandchildren and I feel this is my way of paying it forward.

The e-mail address for Kaps for Kids is Kapsforkids@yahoo.com

Happy New Year
Jackie Hartwell (aka Nana Jackie)

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