Be Inpsired: Meet Bill – Battle Session

Bill originally found out he had cancer in the summer of 2012. At that time it seemed to be a
slow growing sarcoma in his pelvis that could be removed surgically with no need for chemo or
radiation. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2013 Bill started having back pain. He had scans
and MRI’s which showed that the sarcoma had returned, spread to his back, very near his spine
and was growing fast.
At first it seemed surgery wasn’t an option because of the closeness of the sarcoma to the
spinal nerves. But Bill was sent to a specialist in Boston and after chemo and radiation they
completed two surgeries in November successfully removing the tumor! He has lost some
movement in his left leg and still has a way to go in treatment. He has spent most of his
treatment time separated from his family so that he could be in the care of the specialists in
Please follow Bill’s journey on his CaringBridge site and join me in prayer for his healing
and for his family through this very difficult time!

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Submitted by Pamela J Carey
Northern VA