Be Inspired: Meet Kristina – Victory Session

“I had never had insurance. I didn’t think it was worth the cost. My employer made insurance obligatory in preparation for the ACA (Affordable Care Act). Since I finally had health insurance, I decided to have a lump on my left leg examined. The surgeon was sure that it was a lipoma. So sure, in fact, that he went ahead and removed it, only to find out later that it was cancer.

I learned that this is called an “oops surgery”. My husband was with me when we were told that it was probably sarcoma. I hung on to the word “probably” like a lifesaver.

A week before my 30th birthday, my diagnosis was confirmed. I began treatment a couple of months later.

I went through 5 rounds of intense chemotherapy –a very difficult time for my family. I then went through six weeks of radiation followed by five more rounds of chemotherapy.

I finished my last round February 2nd. Now I am cancer free and have my hair back. Having these photos taken as a family seems like a great way to celebrate having made it through such a difficult year.”

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Submitted by Belle Fleur Photography
Pittsboro, NC