Be Inspired: Meet Tina – Battle Session

This story was submitted by Tina herself. She’s been through quite a journey and we are so excited to bring you her story.

I was diagnosed February 28, 2012 with Breast Cancer. The news was delivered to me by the doctor filling in, since mine was on vacation, while I was driving home from work. From there, it was a whirlwind of things to do. Having to tell my son was one of the hardest things. And we cried together.

Surgery was in April, and at that time I was told that I was Stage 2A, and my lymph nodes were clean. I was lucky. As “insurance”, I then went on to four rounds of chemotherapy and six and a half weeks of radiation. It was difficult and mentally draining. There was so much love and support. My brother went to some of the treatments with me, and a close friend the others. Work put together a scarf day, and when I returned after having the last chemotherapy treatment, those that wanted to participate, were wearing scarfs as I was. A co-worker made a beautiful breast cancer piece that hangs on the wall in my cube at work. Close friends organized a benefit that coincided with their annual Halloween Party. And still others, donated shirts for the UMass Cancer walk that year. A support group started at work as well, and while the woman that started it no longer works there, the support group still meets.

It was hard at times to absorb and understand that all of these people cared about me. And there will never be any words to express how I feel about those that were in the trenches with me. That saw the ugly. That saw how I was after chemotherapy. That saw how tired and drawn I would get. The encouragement, and the tough love, got me thru it. There were some very dark moments. And there were some beautiful ones too. And I am so glad that I managed to not let the darkness overshadow all of those. It has been a very long road, not only physically, but emotionally. I would not wish this experience on anyone, but I needed it, and have grown because of it. Cancer has changed everything. I am not the same person that I was before diagnosis. And that’s a positive thing. Much love….



See all of her session photos HERE. The password is “tina”.

Special thanks to Allison MacPhail Photography for documenting this fight!