Be Inspired: Meet Michelle – Victory Session

“My name is Michelle Wrightstone and I’m from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I went for my second annual mammogram on Valentine’s Day at age 41. A few days later I was informed that the imagines were inconclusive and was sent for another mammogram at another office nearby. After further imaging I was told that there was an area in my left breast still inconclusive and scheduled a biopsy. I chose to wait a few weeks allowing me the chance to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon without pain.

Once I had the biopsy, I received the call the next day that I had breast cancer in its earliest state. I went through an MRI and per-surgery testing. The day I went for surgery I was told that I had a fever and had to be rescheduled. While i was disappointed, I was able to run the Hershey 10K that I had registered for several months before. I went on to have a successful surgery with anesthesia that caused days of vomiting and nausea. Once recovered from surgery I was able to run the Warrior Dash mud run with my husband Ken before starting a series of 25 radiation treatments. The treatments caused skin burn and irritation that healed with burn cream. I was able to recover and run the ColorRun with my daughter Julianne. I went on to run the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton in October.

No one can go through this alone. With the help of my medical staff, loving friends and family, Ken, Julianne and my son Alex, I was able to persevere. I was so thankful for my many blessing and even more aware of the things I am thankful for everyday.”

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Hershey, Pennsyvlania