Be Inspired: Meet Chris – Battle Session

Chris is a bright and happy seven year old. He loves Legos, Star Wars, baseball, and playing with his friends, just like lots of other little boys. But unlike most boys, his life went from typical to extraordinarily difficult last August when doctors found a five centimeter mass on his right kidney. Chris had Wilms Tumor (nephroblastoma), a type of kidney cancer that affects young children.

The first step of Chris’ treatment was surgery to remove the tumor. Unfortunately, there were unexpected complications that led to two more surgeries. Next came radiation which was completed last September, followed by twenty-eight rounds of chemotherapy. Chris is very close to completing the chemo. Way to go, Chris! You are almost there! 🙂

I was extremely fortunate to meet this sweet, tough kid, his parents and his adorable little sister and photograph them in a Shoots for a Cure photo session. They have all endured more these last seven months than any family, any child should have to. I feel blessed that I could do this small thing for them.

Chris has this Facebook page chronicling his progress. It’s a great resource for you to offer him encouragement and find out how you can pray for him and his family. Best of all it will be a great place to celebrate with them as Chris finishes treatment and kicks cancer’s butt!

Three-family-portraits  Mom-with-two-kids Family-portrait-on-location  Dad-with-two-kids-portrait Color and BW Portrait

Submitted by Pamela J Carey Photography
Northern Virgina