Be Inspired: Meet Tiffany – Battle Session

Submitted by Hartman Designs
Hershey, PA

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2004. It was the scariest moment in my life. I remember sitting at the kitchen table when the phone rang and it was the doctor. Rob sat next to me and rubbed my back waiting to hear the diagnosis. Then we heard “It is cancer”. We decided on a game plan. I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

In December of 2009, I passed the 5-year mark of being cancer free. After 5 years your risk for re-occurrence drops. We celebrated! Rob planned a surprise party with 60 of our closest friends and family! It was great!

Six months later, in June of 2010, I noticed my vision wasn’t quite right. I woke up on a Saturday morning with a very bad headache. Then I started vomiting. Rob took me to the hospital where they ran some tests and scans. The doctor came into my room and told us there was a mass on my brain at the back of my head. My family broke down, upset and crying. I, on the other hand, felt very calm and peaceful. The LORD was telling me that I was going to be OK, and I could feel that through my entire body that HE would carry me through this journey.

I went to Fox Chase Cancer Center 4 days later. They directly admitted me to Temple University Hospital. The next morning, I had emergency brain surgery. Everything fell into place and I knew it was God’s hands at work. After surgery, I was home by Saturday, on 1 week after diagnosis! I then had 15-radiation treatment. The radiation made me very tired and I lost my hair. That was tough. I took the first half of the school year off to regain my strength and returned to teaching in January 2011.

That same month, they discovered bone cancer above my knee. It was hard to hear the news, but I knew the LORD would carry me through, and HE has!

I go to Fox Chase every month for treatments. The treatments are keeping the bone cancer contained. It has not changed since I was diagnosed with bone cancer. Every 4 months, I receive scans to check my brain, bones and lungs. It can be physically and emotionally draining, but I thank the Lord everyday for LIFE and the opportunity to receive treatments and care at Fox Chase.

My husband, Rob, has been my rock and my motivator through this journey. I stay positive because I believe that Attitude IS Everything!

Thank You,
Tiffany Bare