Be Inspired: Meet Eugene – Victory Session

Submitted by Hartman Designs
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Eugene Steffey, is from Reinholds, Pa. enjoys baseball, football, spending time with family and friends and spending time working in the yard and flowerbeds.

Story as told by Eugene himself.

In 1997, I had a heart transplant and then in 2003a kidney transplant. I thought things were good till a routine blood work lead me on a different path. In early 2010, I was getting tire more and the hemacolt test showed blood in all 6 samples. 4 of my doctors wanted a colonscopy, but the GI doctor said no I didn’t need one. In August I got sick while driving and had to go by ambulance to Lancaster General. After a week of testing they told me to rest up for more testing at John Hopkins because they found cancer. After a little over a week, I woke up one more throwing up blood. Back to Lancaster General for 2 days then transferred to Hopkins. I was told that it was slow moving, then on Thursday night a specialist who deals with transplant related cancer said it was very fast moving and I didn’t have long to live unless I started treatment by Friday night.

Tina and I prayed and called friends to pray. After a test for the heart function and Kidney function, I was moved to the Kimmel Cancer Center. I spend all of September there with nothing to eat by mouth. I think went home for 10 days and back for 20 with c-diff., back home for 10, back for 5 for treatment 4 then home 10 more days and back 81 days. After treatment 5 started I got really sick. December 22, 2010 I was declared cancer free but still was in a lot of pain and not able to eat. January 19, 2011 they did emergency surgery and found a hole in the intestine. I now have an illiostomy and needed a feeding tube to build me up. February 20th I came home in a wheelchair.

After many set back along the way, I am cancer free and walking and helping take care of my grandson, Jonathon.