Be Inspired: Meet Susan – Battle Session

Submitted by Hartman Designs

My cancer story began in 2009 with a diagnosis of breast cancer. I was treated and went on with my life. Then in April of 2011, it returned as metastatic cancer in my liver, which was the most devasting news I could have learned. But what i want to share most with others i how the power of prayer and God’s healing touch have been healing me. After months of the chemotherapy with no success this summer, God told us to have fiar and believe because He has plans for me. Then a drug was found that began to kill the tumors and I started getting better. I may still have a rough road to travel before I am back to my old self healthwise, but I will be a cancer survivor. I am ready and willing to let God use me to do his calling.

From Jennifer Hartman: “Sue attends my church and has been a positive roll model for me, knowing that she is willing to fight whatever comes her way. I am friends with her daughter and we have taken on the roll as team captins for our local Breast cancer walk. We hope to spread hope and cheer with these pictures and our contributions.”