Be Inspired: Meet Campbell – Victory Session

Submitted by Fleeting Moments Photography
Stratford, CT

“Campbell was born three years ago and everything was normal. One day Sherry took him into work and her boss noticed that Campbell had a strange twitching in his eye. Sherry was concerned so took him to the pediatrician. The doctor looked at him and didn’t think it was anything but told her if she was still concerned to go to an eye doctor. She took him to the eye doctor and he told her that there was a 1% chance that it could be something but in order to find out she would have to take him for an MRI. Since he was four months old that seemed a little extreme. A few days later the eye doctor called Sherry and recommended that she go for the MRI. They took his advice and once the results came back it was determined that Campbell had a brain tumor and it needed to be operated on immediately. Campbell has had several surgeries since that day and is now in remission. He is blind in one eye and he has to continue to go for checkups and treatments but so far he is as normal as any three year old. He goes to preschool and does all the “normal” kid stuff. You would never know this family has been through so much.”