Be Inspired: Meet Talan – Battle Session

Submitted by Felicia McTernan Photography
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Talan’s journey began with stomach pain and fevers on and off. We took him to the emergency room where they did blood work and a CT scan. They said they found lymphnodes in his stomach and that it just looked like a viral infection. His pediatrician followed up the next morning stating his blood work also looked like a viral infection and there was no need to come in unless Talan got worse. The next day he started acting like he had hurt his neck and back. We took him into urgent care and they sent us to South Shore Hospital for further testing. Whitle at South Shore Hospital they discovered that his red blood cells were low and said either his body was not producing them or his body is killing them off. They then sent us to Childrens Hospital Boston by ambulance. Talan loved the ambulance ride though, but soon fell asleep for the remainder of the ride.

It took a week at Children’s and lots of testing which was not fun for either Talan or his Mommy. Many tears were shed especially during the first part of his bone scan where they taped him down to the bed in order to keep him still. It was when they recieved the images back from the bone scan where they said they wanted to do a bone marrow/biopsy. They had found a few active spots in his marrow and they wanted to further test. They brought the Oncology team in to prep us for the possibility that it may be cancer. We were still holding onto hope though.

The next morning the did the biopsy and said it went well, but it may be a day or two before we got any results. Well, we heard the same night. Talan was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on August 26, 2011. We were completely devasted and our world was completely turned upside down. That’s when we started to learn our “new normal”.

I have talked to his Mom and unfortunately he was readmitted to Children’s a few weeks ago for complications. He is actually being released today so hopefully things are starting to turn around for him. It’s been tough for him and his parents. I know it’s heartbreaking for Mom and Dad and they would trade places with him in a second!
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