Rock the Wear Wednesday – seawall by Angela Wells

Amazing things come from New Zealand; this artist is no exception. Angela Wells in Wellington, New Zealand makes beautifully painted, hand crafted pysanky.

Charity Pysanky

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Pysanky were once created to symbolize new life, hope and prosperity at the dawn of each spring. In honor of a grandmother I never knew, and of countless others who have dealt with the affliction of breast cancer—some surviving after the removal of one or both breasts—these pysanky represent wholeness and balance restored to lives and bodies thrown off-track.

Original designs created with traditional wax-resist technique. Stands included.

If buying a matched set, please leave a note in comments during checkout and I will refund $10 after the sale.

50% of each total sale will go to Breast Cancer Action.

ROCK THE WEAR WEDNESDAY is a feature we will do each Wednesday highlighting something to wear, gift or decorate with by a vendor who supports the cause. We will feature various companies, shopkeepers, stay at home moms and more that support the research for cancer! Vendors must support the cause by donating at least a 10% portion of their profits from sales to a reputable cancer organization.