Rock the Wear Wednesday – SFAC Magnets!

Today we are featuring, well, ourselves! We introduced a new product that we know you guys will love! They are now available for pre-order!

SFAC Bottlecap Magnets

Click here to visit the SFAC shop to get yours today!

Show your SFAC support with these super strong bottle cap magnets!

We use brand new, unused bottle caps that come liner-less from the manufacturer. From there, we hammer them, paint them, set the image and cover with a non-yellowing glaze that will last for many years.
The final piece to go on is the super strong earth magnet. These magnets are set with epoxy and can hold up to 6 sheets of paper!

Show off your artwork, put them in your locker at the gym, at school or any other metallic surface!

All funds generated through donations and various fundraising efforts are paid directly to The American Cancer Society, the Susan G Komen Foundation, in our name, or used 100% for marketing, events and awareness of our program; we are not for profit.

ROCK THE WEAR WEDNESDAY is a feature we will do each Wednesday highlighting something to wear, gift or decorate with by a vendor who supports the cause. We will feature various companies, shopkeepers, stay at home moms and more that support the research for cancer! Vendors must support the cause by donating at least a 10% portion of their profits from sales to a reputable cancer organization.