Please welcome our Public Awareness Coordinator – Robin Wilkerson

We are so excited to announce yet another volunteer on our staff team!! Please welcome, Robin Wilkerson! I chose her image of the snail, one because I LOVE it, and two it’s so telling of what we do. We are small, but steady, and that is what will make us make a difference!

Robin Wilkerson is a photographer based out of Gainesville, FL. She has been owner of Everyday Moments Photography since 2001. She has had a passion for photography since her dad gave her, her first camera at 13. An old Nikon F that she still has!

Robin’s family has been greatly affected by cancer. One of her older brothers passed away from colon/liver cancer and both her dad and brother are in remission from prostate cancer. She is very excited about creating new and happy memories for families working through this trying time.

Robin Wilkerson (under construction)