My Story: Chrissie Raysor

I’ll be honest — my involvement here with Think Pink Photography did not come because I’ve been personally affected by Breast Cancer. 


So, why am I a part of Think Pink Photography?   I’m involved because I feel called to be involved – when our founder, Tennille King, put out the message that she was looking for applications for various positions, I was immediately interested.  I’d read the information, consider applying, then think “Are you crazy?  You have a full time job, a fledgeling photography business, not to mention the most important piece of the pie, my husband and 2 young daughters.  Where will you find the time?”  So I did that quite a few times – read, consider, tell myself I’m crazy.  I just kept feeling PULLED to read Tennille’s info every few days…finally I listened to my heart:  I was re-reading it so many times, not able to put it out of my head, because I was being led to be involved.  I couldn’t NOT get involved — something, or someone, was telling me, “You’re not crazy, silly.  Get involved, or I’ll make you read this again in 3 days!”

So, here I am.  Crazy?  I still think maybe.  Has my life been touched by cancer?  Yes, it has.  I lost my father, John Tscherne, on March 29, 2002 at the age of 49 to Anal-Rectal Cancer.   He was diagnosed on 8/31/2001 at Stage IV.   Nine short months later, his struggle was over.

So, while I do not have experience with Breast Cancer, I know what Cancer does to a family.  Also?  I have breasts (imaging that! I’m a woman, with…breasts!!!).  Plus, I have 2 daughters, a Mom, a sister, nieces, friends, relatives…  So, I guess I am saying that I have a lot of people in my heart who have, or someday will have, breasts. 

I’ve been called, and I’m involved.


(This is me.  Normally I’m in sweatpants with a crazy ponytail on top of my head, because my hair is too short for a real ponytail.  That’s not the picture I wanted to post though, ok?)

My first Think Pink Session had me in tears – her name is Dawn, she is in her 20’s.  She’d lost her mother to cancer, her son had battled leukemia 2 times, and then she found a lump in her breast.  How much can one young woman handle?  I did not meet a depressed woman, or a woman crying “Why me?”   I met a woman, around my age, a mother, like me.  I loved her clothes, admired her strenght, and thought she brought some really cute bras and underwear with her!  She has hope, and she has youth – she showed me that having Breast Cancer doesn’t make you “other” – she’s still the same person, but amplfied.

Here is the image of Dawn we submitted to Think Pink back in May 2008