Submitted by: Kami Laux
Fishers, Indiana

A beautiful “Think Pink” experience………….

When I started my business 3 years ago I knew that I wanted to do something to give back to all of the people that have helped me in my life. I found a wonderful organization called Think Pink Photography. It is a wonderful way to give those battling breast cancer a moment to reflect on their experiences and capture special moments in their lives. Although I have not experienced breast cancer I can relate to the toll that any illness takes on a family. I hope that these sessions provide a bright spot in the lives of my beautiful clients.

Meet Jennifer and her family. I asked Jennifer to tell me a little more about her story and I would like to share it with you. Here are the words of a daughter, wife, mother, SURVIVOR!!!!!

I was diagnosed at the age of 29 in April 2007, just 4 days after having my baby boy Oliver. Looking back, I truly believe that he is the miracle God was waiting to give me, knowing the road that lay ahead. I took care of Oliver on my own through chemo all that summer. My husband, Jeff, worked nights and did what he could, but most of the job was on me. I know now just how strong I am and how much I can endure. After chemo and radiation were over I enjoyed almost an entire year of being cancer free. I am so proud of how I spent that year- appreciating every moment of life. I remember vividly sitting in traffic one day and thinking, “Thank you God for letting me be here to sit in traffic.” I can honestly say that I never took one moment for that year for granted.

In November of 2008 I discovered that the cancer was back- now Stage IV as it has progressed to my lung, multiple lymph nodes, and in December, my brain. I have since undergone much radiation and am on a new chemo regimen. I am so very grateful to report that I am having very good success with it and feel like myself again. I taught my Kindergarten class through all of it and played my little guy (and continue to do so!) every chance I get. Every day I have hope that my next miracle is just around the bend…………..





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