This is Betty’s second time on the blog! Photographer Michelle Parsley had a another opportunity to photograph her mother.

Michelle says:
Mama is 100% back to her old self. This is the story behind the new images… Mama was on the front page of the Daily News Journal and the Tennessean for breast cancer awareness month. She was also featured in the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation’s publication. They were all doing a story on the ABC program (After Breast Cancer) that the YMCA has for survivors. The purpose of the program is to help survivors regain their range of motion. Here is what she said about that:

“After bi-lateral mastectomies and reconstructive surgery I was healed, but I found that I could not extend my arms over my head. I had upper body weakness, and was still protecting myself–afraid of being hurt. At a visit to my oncologist, I was given a brochure about the ABC program. Always the skeptic, I called not expecting a lot. I went to the YMCA for my appointment with Melanie, the ABC program coordinator. She measured my range of motion and demonstrated the exercises I needed to do to fully regain my range of motion. I did them and they really, REALLY worked! Next, I had my first visit with the trainer, Rose. She showed me upper body exercises, and helped me tweak my lower body workout. Finally, I had a visit with the dietician, Aubrey, and got nutritional guidance. My strength has returned–in some ways, better than before the surgery. My husband was so inspired by my newfound strength, that he began to work out with me. I feel WONDERFUL! The ABC program has been such a blessing. Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped me in my recovery.”

Michelle Parsley Kindle the Heart Fine Art Photography