Be Inspired: Say Hi again to Sandra – Battle Session

When we get updates from the clients our photographers have photographed, they are not always good news. I will say though, they are always positive. Stay positive, keep fighting and let’s work on kicking cancer’s butt!

Here’s more on Sandra:

“Earlier this year, I introduced you to, and shared the Victory Session of, Sandra Vecera, a very vibrant woman who suffered from a glioblastoma two years ago… A little over two months ago, Sandra contacted me and told me that her primary glioblastoma had returned, and brought with it an additional four tumors. She traveled back to Duke early this summer, where she had her initial treatments done two years ago, and they have put her on a cocktail of Temodar, 335 mg, which totals about 15 pills per day, per cycle. The Cycle runs for one week every 28 days, and in conjunction with these pills, Sandra gets an Avastin infusion every two weeks on Friday. Sandra is quick to point out that she believes it was the Avastin that dramatically helped her recovery before.

Sandra says that overall, she doesn’t feel like she has five tumors in her head. She gets up every morning at 5am and runs at the track near her house. In addition, she continues with her exercise program of planks, crunches, and push-ups. She eats a strictly paleo diet, which is mainly veggies and fruit, fish and meats. She limits all carbs and sugars – but does reward herself with a bagel on her “Infusion Fridays”. Even on Infusion days, she maintains her full-time job in Citigroup’s Big Data department.

Sandra has entered her Battle Mode, focused on just one thing…. in her words, ”to kick the crap out of cancer, which I have no doubt that I will. My inspiration is my son.”

To say Sandra is strong is an understatement. She embodies what I believe all cancer survivors do – a sense of determination and grit, an attitude – a faith, if you will, that defies the odds and makes one not just believe, but know they will come out of this even stronger…a wondrous testament to the human spirit and what it can accomplish.

Sandra Battle Session new

Submitted by A New Focus Photography, LLC
New York City, NY