Be Inspired: Meet Fred – Victory Session

Fred was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April of 2012. He was treated with surgery in July followed by chemotherapy. I was honored to photograph his Shoots for a Cure session just before he finished his chemotherapy in early November.

Fred has extensively chronicled his experience and shares what he’s learned along the way. In excerpt:

“I am both humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to share my cancer story with you.
For the last several years I have been journaling, mostly to myself and my family. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I began writing about the experience. After surgery, I began reflecting on the total experience and decided to think about the lessons learned. I gave it a name, “Semper Fortis”. Semper means always and Fortis means strong hence, “Always Strong”. The name is a nod to the Marine Corps and to my daughter Caity who is in her fifth year of Latin. Truthfully as a cancer survivor now, I am learning it helps if you are always strong — Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.
Cancer is not completely foreign to us. My wife Kim is a fourteen year breast cancer survivor. Itseems like such ago long time ago, that we had our world shaken to the core the first time. Ouryoungest daughter was ten months old at the time. I watched Kim, battle this disease with style, grace and strength. She is a lot tougher than she looks and way tougher than me. In any case, no one wants to be told they have cancer. For reasons that we may never know, our family has been shaken to the core again with my diagnosis.
There are many things to write about with this experience. However, I think there are a few lessons that are worth sharing. These were all learned during my diagnosis. They are probably pretty good life lessons as well.
Today I stand as a cancer survivor to share with you five lessons I have learned. “I am a son, brother, husband, father, friend, former U.S. Marine and now a proud cancer survivor.”
Lesson One — Confront Your Fears
Lesson Two — Talk to Family and Friends
Lesson Three — Build a Trusted Support Team
Lesson Four — Determine what is Important and Set Priorities
Lesson Five — Cherish Relationships with Family and Friends It is all about relationships.”

Black-and-white-portrait Couple-and-Family-Portrait Family-in-park Father-daughter-portrait Father-with-daughter Portrait-in-AshburnVA

Yes, it is about relationships, Fred! Thank you for sharing your lessons and insight!

Submitted by Pamela J Carey Photography
Northern, VA