Be Inspired: Meet Jeff Caldwell – Battle Session

Submitted by Chuck Williams Photography

Jeff Caldwell’s Story….
Fear and the unknown are no strangers to Jeff Caldwell. As a United States Marine, who has been deployed to Iraq five times, Jeff has experienced his share of both. And, as someone who has been through cancer once already, he knows what it’s like to experience that fear as well.

Jeff’s story began in November 2010, while on deployment with the United States Marines. He began experiencing a tremendous amount of severe pain and was diagnosed with Ewings Scarcoma, a rare form of cancer, usually found in children. Jeff’s family was devastated, as his retirement from the Marines was just around the corner.

Jeff’s entire treatment was done in San Diego, while his family waited prayerfully and patiently in Georgia. After 6 rounds of chemo and 40 rounds of radiation, Jeff’s doctors declared this past October, that his cancer was in remission.

Fast Forward to now — 8 months later – July 2012 — Jeff’s cancer is back, and with a vengeance. He and his wife, Teresa, are set to take their only daughter, Maighan to college this week in Indiana. Right after that, they will travel to Washington where Jeff will be admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center for further diagnosis and treatment.

Jeff, Teresa and Maighan are a very loving and close knit family. Family portraits were first on their list of things to do before moving Maighan off to college and before Jeff is re-admitted to the hospital.

Today, we had the pleasure of photographing this amazing family. Though in a severe amount of excruciating bone pain from the Sarcoma, Jeff never complained once during our time with him. He was an absolute trooper.

We are praying for Jeff, Teresa and Maighan. The next few weeks will be full of changes for this family.

Thank you Jeff for serving our country. Thank you Teresa and Maighan for allowing him to serve. We are praying for you Jeff – May God be with you —

“Semper Fi”