Be Inspired: Meet JoAnn – Battle Session

Submitted by Shades of You Photography
Dallas, Texas

From the daughter of JoAnne Marks: The phone call that rocked my ever sturdy world, brought a new meaning to my every day and living life to it’s fullest because it is too short! After my mom’s diagnosis with Triple Negative Infiltrating Breast Cancer, a long road of treatments and surgeries awaited her.

In true JoAnn style, she marched down that road with amazing strength & courage throughout the chemo treatments, the not-so fun side effects, losing her hair and a double mastectomy/reconstruction surgery. Now a few PET scans later and the cancer has returned…but as always she is moving forward, this time tackling radiation first and then another round of the chemo cocktail that will hopefully be easier the 2nd go around.

No matter what awaits her on this road that she’s on, I know that she will face it….and she will face it with us by her side! It’s been almost 18-19 years since we had a family picture done and in the true spirit of living life, it was time for a new one!

Amy- You are amazing and I appreciate you taking time to do this for us and how welcome and at ease you made us all feel! I am very grateful that our paths crossed & we had a great time! Thanks again for everything!!!!