Be Inspired: Meet Jill – Battle Session

Session by: Harbor Images – Janice Peralta

Jill Marple is a wife, mother of 2, an avid scrapbooker and a very proud pink hat lady!

Jill’s Story:

Cancer beat me for 20 minutes. I was mad, hopeless, devastated and overwhelmed when I took the call that told me I had cancer, for 20 minutes. But after 20 minutes I became a match for my enemy. I became an adversary worthy of this strong opponent. 20 minutes in I knew I could beat it. I knew I had to beat it. I knew BEAT IT. Because this enemy wasn’t just trying to destroy me, it was trying to destroy my family. In 20 minutes is all I’d give this enemy. My enemy isn’t all the way defeated yet as I have one round of chemo, a breast reconstruction and ovary removal left, but it will be. Once I had knowledge I held power and this enemy will be defeated. “It is what it is!” is my new motto; so get used to it cancer. I’m taking what your throwing at me and becoming stronger. I am more aware, more patient, more loving person because of you. You tried to defeat me but instead you made the better. You had me for 20 minutes but cancer, you are mine!


From Janice’s Point of View:

I had the honor and privilege to photograph Jill Marple. I learned of Jill’s illness just about a month after her diagnosis due to the fact that she is a classmate of mine from high school and a facebook friend.
She was part of the organizing committee for our 20 year high school reunion held during the early stages of her treatment. That she could take on ANYTHING on top of what she and her family were already experiencing shows the strength of this woman.
I met Jill for our session during her stay at her best friend, Cher’s home in Lake Sammamish. We were lucky enough to have the last bit of color in Cher’s yard to create some of her portraits. Cher has been there to support Jill from the beginning of this journey and it meant so much to Jill to be able to use Cher’s home and yard to embrace this time of her life with these images. She is a true inspiration.