Be Inspired: Meet Catherine: Breast Cancer Battle Session

Submitted by Randi Greffeuille
Belle Fleur Photography, Pittsboro, NC

OK here is my story. I was packing to leave for Orlando to attend “Surf Expo” and I realized that there were some drops of blood in the cup of two of my bras – I did a little self exam and realized that there was a “lump” but since I was already running late (surprise -surprise) I had to let it go for the time being.  That was Wednesday January 5th and lucky me – by 8:15 am Monday January 10th I was being seen at UNC.  My husband’s cousin (who works at University of North Carolina-UNC hospital) helped us to navigate setting up my appointments and everything worked out beautifully and I was able to have my pathology report back within 24 hours.

On January 11th – my nurse practitioner called to tell me the news that I had breast cancer and really we have just been taking it one step at a time since then.

I think that everyone has a different approach to this type of news and for me I have been working to find a place where all of the holistic-ness that makes me – me – can come to a “place of peace” with what “western medicine” recommends.  I believe in miracles and spontaneous healing and am doing everything possible on every front to prepare myself for whatever is in store for me (and us).

I feel totally blessed by this situation and have no doubt that it is all happening for my benefit.

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