October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!  October, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  If you’re here at this blog, I assume you are already personally acquainted with Breast Cancer in some way, via yourself or a loved one.   This month is for getting the word out about early detection!! 

Monthly Self Breast Exams

Ok ladies, it is our month to shine!  This is the month to get the word out about Monthly Breast Self Exams!!!

We know alllll about them here at Think Pink, right?  To make sure everyone you care about knows too, maybe take a minute and email everyone in your address book a reminder to do monthly Breast Self Exams.   It only takes a minute to email, a few minutes to do it, and with Breast Cancer every minute counts!!!

Click here to learn how to do a Self Breast Exam

Make the Internet Work for a Cure!

There is money out there for Breast Cancer research…let’s reach out and grab some!!!   Below are are a few simple ways to incorporate a little fundraising in your daily lives, doing things you possibly do every day already!

Internet Searches

 LookPink – Merely by getting in the habit of using lookpink.com to search the internet, users can donate proceeds from their searches to fund mammograms. The lookPink Search Engine will donate proceeds to several major breast cancer charities including Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Y-ME.org, and others.

Ask.com –  Ask Jeeves has formed its first partnership with the charity Breast Cancer Care, which will see the iconic butler appear in a series of pink outfits during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. Under the partnership, Ask Jeeves will be offering users the chance to show their support through themed homepage skins, toolbars, quizzes and social media. The search engine will also feature a Breast Cancer Care tribute page where users can place messages for themselves or loved ones.


TheBreastCancerSite.com on Facebook! – When the fan page gets 1,000,000 fans, the sponsors will donate $100,000 towards Breast Cancer Research.  This page also has lots of Pink-items to purchase, to show your support to the world.


Click To Give – Go here, click a button, and BOOM – you’ve just helped donate money to give free mamograms!  Good job, you!

Donate to Charity – Top 5 Charities, listed in order of what percent of your funds go directly to suppor the cause (article posted Feb 2009 on About.com)

What Are YOU Doing?

Not everone in the Breast Cancer society is at a point right now to think “Yay! Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, and we understand that.  This might be the month you found out about your cancer, your Mother or Sister, Daughter or Niece, Grandmother or Aunt’s cancer.  This might be the month you had a mastectomy, or maybe you’re about to have one.  Maybe you lost someone you loved this month.    You have our warmest wishes for a healing month, physically and emotionally, and want to honor you and your loved ones on this site.   Send me an email, a picture, a little story about how Breat Cancer has effected you.  I want to share your stories with the world – your loved ones lived, and let’s let your memories of them live on, and help others to understand that Breast Cancer effects everyone.   

Also, if you are doing something to celebrate the life of someone this month, or if you have planned some kind of event (big or small – fundraiser or tea to remember someone), let me know!  Tell me about it, share pictures!  Put a personal face on the Fight Against Breast Cancer – let this blog help you to celebrate, support, and heal.

Please send your letters to chrissie@thinkpinkphotography.org.