Find your 9/25/09 coupon booklet!

I apologize for posting this kind of after the fact, but it’s not too late!    In the Sunday newspaper, Proctor & Gamble published a special edition of their “P&GbrandSAVER” booklet, full of coupons on their products.


For every coupon you redeem from the Sunday, September 27 issue of P&GbrandSAVER, you will help give the gift of hope by helping educate women on the importance of early detection.

For every coupon redeemed, a $.02 donation will be made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

So, go through your recycling, tell everyone you know to go through THEIR recycling, and pull out all of the P&G coupon booklets you can find from the Sunday 9/27 edition of your newspaper.  Use those coupons, and know that you’re doing one more thing to help the cause!

The booklet contains $93 in savings…if you use every coupon, that’s $1.86 per household that is contribued.  There are over 100 million households in the US.  If even 1 million households used their coupons, that is 1.86 million.  

Be 1 in a million. 🙂