We Need You: Volunteer Positions Open

Changes for Think Pink Photography!
After 18 months of existence, it’s obvious that Think Pink Photography has taken off and is capable of doing so much more than what we have in place. Rather than continue as is, we are looking for ways to grow and improve.

For starters, we’ve updated the website – a new look, better and more information (for photographers and the public), images updated more often, more blog entries, etc. We want to improve the overall web presence and have a GREAT first impression to the public, along with providing more helpful information to the photographers in our network.

We are also updating the information for photographers, along with better communication procedures for updates and info in the future.

There are no specific job requirements or past history that you must have. I just ask that if you apply for a position, you have either general knowledge or some other relative experience that would help.

Keep in mind, you will always be working with me. Of course, the more outgoing and independent you are, the more we can accomplish down the line. I’m looking for people that can help me with some of these activities so we can grow in a better manner.

And these volunteer positions aren’t even considered a part-time job because my guess is there won’t be more than 5-10 hours per month.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please send an email to: admin@thinkpinkphotography.org with the following information:

Please enter “APPLICATION” in the subject line.
* List your name, email, phone number, and website.
* Indicate whether or not you are currently a member of Think Pink Photography. (You are not required to be a participating photographer to apply.)
* Mention the position you are interested in.
* Indicate how many hours per week or month you are willing to commit to Think Pink Photography.
* Please tell us why you are interested in the position, why you feel you would be good at the position, what experience you have had that applies to this position, and any other information you think we should know to consider you for our team.

Be prepared to answer any further questions our review board may have for you.

All positions are on volunteer/charitable positions. You are donating your time, skills, and efforts. There are no set hours of “operation” – you can perform your duties around your own schedule.

All positions require a high degree of initiative, ability to work independently while functioning within a team, enthusiastic attitude, strong attention to detail, superior professionalism and judgment, and excellent communication skills (mostly written, occasionally verbal). All coordinator positions (including the Administrative Coordinator already in place) work closely with Tennille King (Founder & Director).

Partner with the Director on various public relations, promotional, and communications projects (directed to both the public and the network of photographers).
Generate ideas for blog and newsletter content.
Research and write content for blog entries, newsletter, press releases, and other written communication.
Develop and execute communication strategies that support the organization’s goals and objectives.

Initiate contact to create and maintain relationships with other breast cancer organizations (primarily online through websites, blogs and forums).
Increase awareness in the breast cancer community of the existence and purpose of Think Pink Photography.
Research and think creatively to identify new networking and relationship opportunities.
Partner with the Director to plan various awareness campaigns.
Maintain database of contacts.

Develop new and creative fundraising activities.
Partner with the Director to plan and implement fundraising projects.
Partner with support staff of the Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation on a variety of fundraising events.


If you have a skill or job experience that you think would be a benefit to Think Pink Photography, please send an email to admin@thinkpinkphotography.org explaining your background and what you believe you can offer. Your idea will be presented to the Review Board for consideration.